Saben Kane

Saben Kane has been a professional photographer for more than 15 years.  He studied Art & Design at Virginia Commonwealth University and was one of 12 students chosen from 800 applicants to study within the Kinetic Imagery Studies program.  While studying and developing his craft, Kane’s award winning talent was recognized in publications such as Richmond Magazine where his photograph capturing nature’s fury over the Richmond skyline won first place.  He also received the Emerging Technologies Award and grant for studies on the development of the lightning bolt.  Kane’s work has been displayed at several galleries in both Richmond and Wilmington.  His most recent work titled ‘Proximity’ can be found at 621N4TH Gallery in downtown Wilmington. 

Drawn to the power of nature, his passion for finding unseen art within a natural environment started at a young age.  His observation of how weather plays a vital role in creating and altering this natural art led him to study storms, their movement and impact on their surroundings.  He continues his endless pursuit to capture the beauties around us which so often go unseen or ignored. 

After graduating with a BFA in Communications, Kane moved to Wilmington, NC and has focused on rediscovering the limitlessness of nature’s overlooked compositions.

“Imprints of time and weather are the vibrant colors with which I capture on this canvas called life.” – Saben Kane

Explore Saben's work here or by visiting 621N4TH.