Joanne Geisel

Joanne GeiselAfter receiving a BS in Art Education, Joanne Geisel pursued additional education in art and administration and occupations in human services and higher education. In the past five years, she has returned full time to her love of oil painting and teaching art.

“Most of my paintings reflect a moment in time and it is important to capture an immediate impression. I assess the composition, the values, the proportions and color, then I paint, all the while trying to maintain the initial feeling that drew me to paint the particular landscape, person or still life. Sometimes a small painting is completed in a single day. More often, the painting is completed in the studio. I refine and work on various elements while trying tenaciously to keep its freshness."

Her work has won numerous awards and is held in a number of personal and corporate collections. She is represented by 621N4TH Gallery in Wilmington. Explore Joanne's work here or by visiting 621N4TH.

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